The company "FRAFIL" started its activities on the Polish market in 1993 as a Polish-Italian joint ventures. At the beginning the company dealt mainly import and distribution of the leading Italian and Romanian manufacturers of acrylic yarn - Fraver and Rifil.

With the dynamic groth the company has sought to meet the needs not only of the mass market, but also to meet the needs of specific customers, both in terms of variety of products range, a wider color (since 2002 we offer over a 1000 colors) and the promotion of new products according to the latest trends presented at the international European yarn fairs Expofil in Paris and Pitti Filati in Florence.

We offer a wide range of yarns from 100% acrylic cashmere and mercerising cotton. 

In the acrylic yarns section we work based on stock-based service, we have a fully stocked warehouse.

In recent years, the company Frafil put an emphasis on ensuring high and stable quality of our yarns, continuity and timeliness of delivery and special diligence in the execution of any, even the smallest and untypical orders.

So if you are looking for a warm and soft yarn for winter, or the delicate and cool in summer, with us will surely find them.